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Decentralized exchange on the BNB chain screw swap Published 2023 Roadmap It contains many proposed improvements and upgrades. This includes new AMM, route optimization and perpetual trading details.

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of Biswap.

A new AMM protocol with centralized liquidity will allow liquidity providers to accumulate capital in shorter price intervals than from 0 to infinity, resulting in more efficient use of capital, less slippage and more profitable liquidity. High bargaining terms are offered to users.

Improved routing to find the best trading pairs allows users to execute larger trades with less slippage, increase capital efficiency and receive more rewards from liquidity provider trading fees. increase.

In order to reduce pressure on the price of the native Biswap token and provide more earning opportunities for long-term holders of the BSW token, the Biswap team has developed several initiatives. In the future they will be explained and submitted to BSW holders for voting.

Evolving market trends have prompted the Biswap team to implement decentralized futures trading (using an on-chain order book on the BNB network). To implement this idea in a secure way, the team decided to connect off-the-shelf solutions from ApolloX at this stage of product development.

As part of the Biswap ecosystem expansion, we have plans to increase trading with Biswap Liquidity and create a widget that will make it more convenient for users to trade their tokens. This is available for implementation in third party products.

Biswap’s BNB chain progressive DEX features a multi-type referral program and a low transaction fee of 0.1%. The platform offers various services using cryptocurrencies such as Exchange, Farming and Staking. Additionally, the project has a native his BEP-20 token, BSW, which allows users to participate in the most popular features of the platform. The main function of BSW is to encourage the provision of liquidity to the Biswap platform.

High LP rewards allow liquidity providers to recoup 0.15% from token swap transactions. Also, a liquidity provider can stake his LP tokens on the firm and earn her BSW tokens with his competitive APY. With up to 50% transaction fee refund, transaction fees are returned when users exchange their tokens. The system will automatically return the fee in the form of his BSW tokens. Check out bisswap now

About Biswap
screw swap is a progressive DEX platform on the BNB chain network with a multi-type referral program and a 0.1% minimum transaction fee. The platform offers various services with cryptocurrencies such as exchanges, farming and staking.


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