• BNB Chain has announced the release of its Greenfield Whitepaper on Wednesday 1st February 2023.
  • The new blockchain will provide the infrastructure for a decentralized data economy powered by BNB.
  • The developers are working on a testnet scheduled over the next few months.

The BNB Chain team today white paper for a new decentralized data ownership and storage network called BNB Greenfield.

According to the whitepaper, the blockchain-based Web3 data system provides the necessary infrastructure and ecosystem for a decentralized data economy.

In particular, BNB Greenfield leverages smart contracts to facilitate data storage and management, powering the future of Web3 innovation. The BNB chain team said that Greenfield is “The New Standard in Web3 Data Ownership and Utilityโ€

BNB Greenfield Architecture

Although a new blockchain, BNB Greenfield’s infrastructure works in a trinity of storage-oriented blockchains (BNB Greenfield Core), decentralized application systems (BNB Greenfield dApps), and cross-chain bridges on BNB Smart Chain. To do.

All of these features are part of BNB Chain, Binance’s blockchain infrastructure.

so blog postthe BNB Chain team said blockchain will allow dApps to create, store, transfer and monetize data within a smart contract-enabled ecosystem.

Potential use cases for the BNB greenfield blockchain include decentralized applications in website hosting, personal cloud storage, blockchain data storage, publishing and social media. For all use cases, full ownership of data means users can fully benefit from the new data economy.

Binance Coin (BNB) will be the native token that powers the entire ecosystem. So the user can transfer her BNB from her BSC to the Greenfield network and vice versa, and the owner can bet coins, pay gas and data storage fees.

When will BNB Greenfield go on sale?

The BNB chain plans to launch BNB Greenfield in the coming months. announced, added that it is currently working on a testnet. This project includes collaborations with Amazon Web Services (AWS), NodeReal, and Blockdaemon.


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