The only reward for exercising is great physical condition. That’s why most people spend thousands of dollars on courses, follow a strict diet, and get premium exercise services.

What if there was a way to continue your fitness journey without taking a dent in your finances?

What if there was a way to get it back in cash instead of just handing it over?

67% Bonus for FGHT Early Investors

Living a healthy lifestyle is equivalent to having good financial standing, and that’s what Fight Out is for.

Besides being a play-and-earn project, the protocol incorporates gaming aspects into its operations.

However, the line-up of revenue-generating instruments has attracted the interest of many investors.

At press time, Fight Out is in the pre-sale stage and has raised over $5.6 million in a few months.

Early Bird investors can also buy up to $50,000 in FGHT and access up to 67% bonus tokens from the Fight Out Team if the vesting period is 36 months.

But this is not the end. Importantly, users can avoid token grants, airdropping up to 10% of their previous holdings.

They also earn 5% in the USDT referral program, and investors who buy before the price reaches $0.0333 will receive up to a 28% bonus, making their project a bonus jackpot.

In addition to earning more tokens for early purchases, the Fight Out team is giving early purchasers a free Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Soulbound Avatar.

This is a departure from the usual trend that Play-to-Earn (P2E) projects require users to own in-house NFTs to access the platform.

In Fight Out, early investors will airdrop NFTs and other exclusive content once the project is fully launched.


The health and fitness industry is reportedly worth $87 billion.according to market reportthe US health and fitness market is worth $33.25 billion, with approximately 39% of US residents owning a gym membership.

This represents a strong and well-established niche market where many people care about their health and appearance.

But the traditional health and fitness space has major flaws. A user only relies on a centralized entity that generates a lot of similar content and has no personalized fitness regimen.

Fight Out aims to change this by offering unique fitness exercises and challenges to help users achieve their best shape.

The first is a regular exercise regime where users are presented with daily challenges and workouts to complete. You can then compete in player-versus-player competitions or against professional athletes.

All of these exercises are performed in the Metaverse, accessible to users via their soulbound NFT avatars. This avatar acts as your digital twin and reflects your current fitness in the virtual reality environment.

Amazingly, reaching fitness goals rewards users with in-game currency, REPS. These digital assets can also be purchased using her FGHT, giving bonuses to those who do.

In addition to this, REPS are used to improve a soulbound avatar’s virtual stats and change their physical appearance.

Another unique aspect of Fight Out is that it is a training-to-earn protocol that requires users to work their bodies to earn FGHT tokens.

This project is the first purebred blockchain project to offer martial arts among professional athletes and users. In this way, users can easily burn calories by interacting with projects focused on the metaverse.

Fight Out is one of the concepts Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg previously mentioned in his comments on the UFC metaverse.

Blockchain projects also allow users to bet on tournaments and individual fighters.

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