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The government of El Salvador has announced the launch of a new university course on developing Bitcoin (BTC) and the Lightning Network.

The government’s Bitcoin office announced the plan on Twitter. The new CUBO+ course will consist of an “advanced Bitcoin engineering program lasting several months.”

The course offers “initial fellowships,” which “provides credit and placements to those who qualify,” the office wrote.

The firm added that the project is being funded by USDT developer Tether and Fulgur Ventures, an investment firm focused on BTC and lightning.

Bitcoin Office responds directly to President Nayib Bukele.

Bitcoin Lightning Development Course in El Salvador – Who Will Teach It?

The government agency has announced that “the biggest names in Bitcoin around the world” will be recruited to serve as instructors and mentors.

It also said that mentors would work with “the best and brightest computer science students in El Salvador.”

The Secretariat wrote:

“Bitcoiners participating as instructors and mentors will be announced soon. The aim is excellence, and nothing less. […] Bitcoin belongs to everyone. And we will prove it. ”

The agency further claimed that the development was the result of advances made by El Salvador’s bitcoin embassy in Lugano, Switzerland. The Embassy will be opened in October 2022.

CUBO+ will be “a first-of-its-kind Bitcoin and Lightning development training program” for El Salvador.

For Bukele and his BTC advocates, this has not been smooth sailing. Since the government granted his BTC fiat currency status in September 2021, the Bitcoin market has struggled with prolonged volatility.

Last October, a survey by the University of Central America found that 77% of Salvadorans believed that the adoption of BTC “did not benefit at all.”

But Bukele is not easily stopped. His approval ratings remain very high in El Salvador and he is seeking his second term in the upcoming election.

And his government has paved the way for the issuance of Bitcoin bonds, which his Nuevas Ideas party believes will help boost the country’s international profile.

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