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Jump Crypto replenishes 120k ETH to cover Wormhole exploit

  • Attack on Wormhole Token Bridge drops below 120,000 wells.
  • Wormhole’s parent company has since restored the stolen tokens.

On Wednesday, Wormhole, a smart contract bridge platform, was targeted with an exploit in which attackers created and stole 120,000 wTH tokens.

After confirming the vulnerability was fixed Thursday morning, Wormhole said later in the day it had recovered more than $320 million in value lost to the exploit.

All funds have been restored and the wormhole restored. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support and ask for your understanding and cooperation. ” a Tweet Read from the team.

The Wormhole team has also informed users that they are preparing an incident report for this issue and will publish it shortly.

Jump Capital, which acquired Wormhole developer Certus One last August, has entered the market. Verified It is the entity that exchanged the stolen token. This is an essential move to prevent the community from getting confused over unbacked ETH.

Jump Crypto believes in a multi-chain future, and wormholes are essential infrastructure. As such, it replaces 120,000 ETH to complete community members and support the present as Wormhole continues to develop. ”

Notably, the attack was the second largest single loss in DeFi history and the fourth largest in the entire crypto space.

How exploits occur

Wormhole deployers first noticed the exploit on Wednesday night, after which the team told the community that the website was down for maintenance due to a possible hack. At around 18:24 UTC, a hacker was able to target his Solana VAA verification on Wormhole and mint 120,000 of his wETH tokens.

A wormhole network was exploited with 120k wETH. ETH will be added over the next few hours as wETH is guaranteed 1:1. Details will be announced in the near future. We are working towards a speedy network recovery. Thank you for your patience.” team explained.

The attackers converted 93,750 tokens into Ether and used a portion of that amount to acquire other tokens such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club Token (APE) and Final Usable Crypto Karma (FUCK). The remaining wETH has been flipped to SOL and USDC.

blockchain after hack message shows that the wormhole reached out to the attackers and was ready to part with $10 million as part of a white hat settlement.

I’ve noticed that Solana VAA validation and mint tokens can be abused. We have a white hat deal with you and for exploit details he offers a $10 million bug bounty and wants to return the value you minted.you can contact us [email protected],“Your message has been read.

CertiK, a smart contract ranking platform, has warned that the same vulnerabilities that exposed the Solana bridge may exist in Wormhole’s Terra bridge.Last month, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin warned Cross-chain bridges are insecure and can be vulnerable to attacks.

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