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GameFi is a rapidly growing market with huge potential due to the potential for mass adoption. The investor sees the GameFi project as a good investment in the future of the gaming industry and his Web 3.0 internet. Institutions have been betting big on this futuristic technology. However, his biggest problem in the current GameFi market is the low playability and unsustainability of existing games. Join TripleC, GameFi’s incubation and distribution platform. The platform aims to incubate and publish Web3 games that use blockchain technology to play in the form of digital assets and reward players for their efforts.

TripleC’s team comes from a diverse background including Gameloft, Bytedance and BNP Paribas. They have decades of comprehensive experience in the line of entrepreneurship that builds successful companies. Prior to building this his Web3 gaming platform, TripleC has published games for well-known studios in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. They understand the gaming industry and how to build thriving communities. The team also has years of experience in game production and development, internet product design, and financial trading. They are qualified to build a fun, playable, thriving and profitable GameFi platform.

KuCoinLabs, the research arm of KuCoin, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has recognized the potential of TripleC and is providing support to help build the next generation GameFi platform. The KuCoin Incubation Program will provide comprehensive resources such as token economics designs, SaaS platforms, APIs and SDKs, allowing TripleC to focus on game development itself rather than reinventing the same Web3 infrastructure.

TripleC has signed contracts with world-renowned game developers such as Century Games and Crystal Labs to publish their games on the TripleC platform. The games TripleC has added to its pipeline are successful Web2 games with popularity and market and fan track records. These Web2 games not only engage players on the platform, but also offer a Web2 gaming experience and rich, fun playability not yet seen in the Web3 world.

In addition to the popular Web2 game, TripleC will release its first 3A GameFi game, OUTER, in 2023. Its developer, Crystal labs, has invested over $5 million in research and development. Epic worlds, diverse gameplay, and sustainable tokenomics systems bring an unparalleled rich gaming experience to his Web3 universe.

TripleC has also reached strategic cooperation with Japan’s Tezuka and Tokyo Pictures, world-famous culture and entertainment companies. TripleC brings the most exciting IP from animation to his Web3 universe in the form of NFTs and GameFi games. The red-haired, well-booted Astro Boy recently became popular around the world and caused a viral spread on social media. TripleC has acquired the rights to release his Web3 product related to Astro Boy.

crystal labs

The current GameFi market faces a loss of players and a shortage of new entrants due to a lack of good, fun games. They all fail by focusing too much on generating income for their players. TripleC has the unique insight and position to bring from established Web2 games to the world of Web3, transitioning traditional players to blockchain players of the future. TripleC’s passion, decades of experience, extensive networking in the gaming industry, strategic cooperation with leading IPs, and mission to bring millions of his Web2 players into his Web3 world A dedicated team creates a new, thriving and thriving gaming community. Mass adoption of future blockchain technology is just around the corner.





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