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the pre-sale of Metropoly After a total investment of over 2,000 people, we are almost ready to cross the $900,000 milestone. The pre-sale is now in its 9th stage, but there are only 3 days left to invest at the current price before the price increase mechanism drives the price of the native token higher in the next stage.

Metropoly has confirmed a significant increase in the number of people investing over the past week due to the fact that the team has finally announced the official release date for its groundbreaking NFT Marketplace. After the announcement, bystanders rushed to grab some of the native tokens behind the platform.

2,000 people bring Metropoly closer to $900,000 in funding.

So far, a total of 2066 individuals have invested a minimum requirement of at least $100 in Metropoly’s presale. Investors are buying the native token $METRO behind the platform. It will be used as a trading and reward token on the Metropoly Marketplace to power the entire ecosystem.

As mentioned above, with only 3 days left before the price increases in the presale, time is running out quickly to buy $METRO tokens at their current cost of $0.0625. After Stage 9 ends, the price will increase on the last day of the presale.

Metropoly’s pre-sale saw a surge in investment over the past week after the team announced the official start date for the NFT Marketplace release was set for May 1, 2023. Once the marketplace is live, investors can easily access the platform. Start a real estate portfolio with as little as $100 and earn passive income.

How will Metropoly change real estate investing?


Metropoly has created the world’s first NFT marketplace where every NFT is backed by a real-world revenue-generating property. Metropoly is on a mission to fully democratize real estate investing and bring it into the modern digital age. The platform allows users to start their real estate journey in seconds for as little as $100.

To democratize real estate, Metropoly has ensured no banking, mortgages or paperwork on its platform. Instead, users can take their cryptocurrency and buy her NFTs in seconds without going through invasive credit checks or consulting financial intermediaries.

All Metropoly properties are fractional, so investors can start with $100. After his Metropoly team of real estate agents hand-pick properties to add to their portfolio, the properties are split into smaller pieces and tokenized individually as NFTs. An investor can buy as many NFTs as he likes with a minimum investment of $100.

Purchasing one of the NFTs gives you partial ownership of the property, just like if you bought it in the traditional way. This means that the owner can sell her NFT at any time to take advantage of the asset’s capital appreciation.

In addition to capital appreciation, NFT holders are entitled to passive income generated from rental yields on their properties. Each month, the Meterpoly team ensures that the tenant pays the rent and the cash flow is distributed proportionally to all her NFT holders in the form of stablecoins.

What makes Metropoly so attractive compared to the competition?

There have been attempts to bring real estate investment into the crypto space, but many previous projects have fallen short of revolutionizing the real estate investment sector.

For example, one of the largest real estate projects today is Propy. They are doing great things for crypto real estate, but they are not revolutionizing the sector as much as possible.Propy is a platform that allows home buyers to buy their homes online. However, the platform does not have partial ownership, so the buyer must pay the full cost of the home up front.

Although it streamlines the process of buying a home, Propy has few innovative features.

Meanwhile, Metropoly has completely transformed the real estate investment sector, opening it up to everyone around the world. So, no matter where you come from, you can buy a property in Paris, London, Dubai or anywhere in the world for just $100.

Current price only 3 days – get it now


There are only 3 days left to buy Metropoly tokens at the current price of $0.0625, so act fast if you want to take advantage of the presale price. After the ninth stage, the price will increase in the final stage until the pre-sale ends.

Luckily, those who invest today are very likely to end the presale and make a profit. Additionally, the team states that he intends to list the token on exchanges at a price of $0.1.

Overall, Metropoly is a great innovation in the real estate investment space, opening the door for crypto heads to diversify their portfolios from volatile crypto assets to the historically highly stable real estate market.


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