• The Premier League and Solare announced a four-year deal on Monday.
  • The value of the license agreement is £120m (approximately $150m).
  • Premier League fans can buy, trade, and sell digital collections of their favorite teams and players while playing Solare Manager.

The English Premier League has signed a four-year licensing deal with Sorare, a fantasy games and digital trading marketplace based in France.

according to report CityAM says the deal is worth £120m ($150m).

Premier League expands fans’ NFT experience

This partnership will allow football fans around the world, especially those of the English Premier League, to build teams and compete for huge rewards. Fans who want to become Sorare Managers can enter the Premier League Fantasy Contest on the Ethereum-based Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform.

Fans can now enjoy their favorite sports via digital cards with the NFT experience. blog postAmong other things, fans can collect, buy and trade a licensed digital collection featuring players from 20 Premier League clubs.

The Solare team and I are very excited to announce our exclusive and deep partnership with the Premier League.From the club deal with West Ham in 2019, football heavyweights watched by over 800 million people worldwide. What a crazy road it’s been to get there, all the way to the onboarding of 20 clubs.Sorare co-founder and CEO Nicholas Julia tweeted.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters says fan support for teams and players continues to evolve. The goal is therefore to look for more ways to attract supporters that this deal with Sorare offers.

Solare’s digital cards and innovative online games are new ways to connect with the Premier League, whether you’re watching in the stadium or around the world. Sorare are an ideal partner for the Premier League and we look forward to working closely with them.‘ added Masters.

The partnership makes PL the latest team to join a portfolio that includes top European leagues La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A. Solare has similar partnerships with the NBA and MLB. Also, he has sports contracts with over 300 clubs.

Solare attributes these partnerships to world-class athletes such as Serena Willians, Kylian Mbappe and Rudy Gobert.


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