Serenity Shieldis an innovative startup focused on providing real solutions to real problems regarding wealth management in the blockchain sector, helping cryptocurrency users manage their money when it comes to inheritance planning. announced a new non-custodial seed recovery solution aimed at

Serenity Shield’s Digital Asset Legacy provides a non-custodial seed recovery solution that allows family members to access the crypto assets left behind in the event of an investor’s sudden death. Losing your private key permanently locks your crypto assets. ”

As a non-custodial product, Digital Asset Legacy provides a secure mechanism by which individuals can nominate heirs.

This way, long-term cryptocurrency holders can safely take over their wallets, proving the increased adoption of digital assets as the world moves to Web3.

Rodolphe Seynat, co-founder of Serenity Shield, has this to say about the product:

Serenity Shield solves real problems stemming from the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. In other words, how can you maintain the same flexibility of Web 2.0 while remaining non-binding? In Web 2.0, it is rare to completely lose access to an account. If you want to reach a billion cryptocurrency users in the coming months or years, you need to bring that same experience to Web 3.0.

How does Digital Asset Legacy work?

Serenity designed a system that spews a user’s seed phrase into three non-transferable NFTs. This is done via the startup StrongBox, with each part containing his third of the recovery seed.

The wallet owner will get one NFT, another will go to the nominated heir, and the third will remain in the hands of the Serenity wallet.

Wallets run smart contracts. This is done by delivering her third of the key to either the original user or the heir when triggered. Actions can only be executed according to the initial parameters of StrongBox’s activation conditions.

Where can I access Serenity?

Digital Asset Legacy is accessible on Secret Network, a blockchain platform designed to provide private data storage. A private blockchain enables private key recovery in a completely non-custodial environment.

Additionally, Serenity Shield caters to all types of users within the crypto space, and the features supported are:The simplicity and flexibility of traditional Web2 authentication. ” However, this technology is not just about ease of use as the service is completely non-binding.

Serenity Shield ostensibly plans a public sale of $4 million in SERSH tokens by June 2022. After that, the mainnet launch is expected in the third quarter of 2022.


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