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W$C gives you freedom like no other

Centralized systems have long dominated the financial industry since its inception. We are so accustomed to such systems that we let banks, credit bureaus, and other third parties manage our accounts, move our money, limit our operations, and monitor our loans.

What if there were other, fairer financial models with complete control over funds and individual access? In fact, decentralized finance already exists. This model offers a higher level of security and anonymity without imposing restrictions.

Fundamentally, decentralized finance empowers individuals by facilitating peer-to-peer transactions that avoid the use of third parties, allowing people to store their money in their own encrypted wallets. Read on for a deeper look into the world of decentralized finance.

What is decentralized finance?

As mentioned above, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is not governed by a central authority. Instead, it operates through a network of participants using a secure distributed ledger based on blockchain. Traditional banks use DeFi to determine your creditworthiness when you apply for a loan or credit, but networks of people verify your creditworthiness and prevent unnecessary restrictions, compromised checks, or exposure to third parties. Funding can be provided without demanding high fees.

Decentralization forms the basis of all operations in all cryptocurrencies. Blockchain acts as a decentralized record of financial transactions. These transaction records are verified and verified by a network of millions of independent devices or nodes.

Why are decentralized cryptocurrencies better?

Decentralized currencies have several advantages such as autonomy, security and speed. Since you don’t have to deposit your assets with a third party, you won’t have to pay any fees or be forced to agree to unfavorable terms.

Moreover, unlike depositing money in a traditional bank account, you can manage your funds autonomously. Usually when a bank is hacked, your money is at risk. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, offer real protection against hacking, failure, fraud, or theft with built-in security features.

Finally, as it is based on blockchain technology, transactions are much faster than traditional methods as fewer steps are required. Also, since each transaction is stored in a block that is appended to the previous block forming the chain, it is impossible to change the information of a previously confirmed transaction without affecting the chain. This is part of blockchain security.

Crypto nations of the world have launched their own currencies

Recently, decentralized world nations TWS We launched a promising deflationary token called W$C (World State Coin). This underlies The World State Tokennomics as a cost-effective and reliable means of operation.

TWS The ecosystem is built on the Polygon network, known for its stability, low cost and efficiency. These features make this network attractive to some of the largest platforms such as Similarly, TWS strives to leverage the advantages of the Polygon blockchain to provide citizens with the most convenient financial system.

The project’s financial system is based on deflationary tokenonomics with limited supply and high demand, and is supported by the USDC/W$C liquidity pool to ensure safety, stability and reliability. increase.

Why should I add W$C to my portfolio?

As a currency for unique, progressive projects aimed at uniting people around the world to achieve world-changing initiatives, its potential is unmatched. Decentralized communities give citizens the first and last say in the decision-making process, allowing citizens to vote on proposals that shape the future and beyond. The W$C token will be used as a medium of exchange within the state. As such, increased demand means it will become a promising asset within a portfolio.

This project uses Proof of Ownership, Mint, to prove ownership of a resident’s passport, create laws, vote on community ideas, and run for public office. I am using it. We also have ambitious development plans such as TWS Blockchain Net, TWSwallet, TWSbridge and TWSswap. All of these features are powered by the W$C token.

W$C tokens give you financial independence, security, and freedom of decision making.


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