• El Salvador was the first country to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender.
  • Bitcoin City is recognized as a sustainable and highly efficient project.
  • El Salvador is building a new city in the eastern part of the country using clean energy fed entirely from nearby volcanoes.

El Salvador made history by becoming the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. The country has also announced an ambitious project called “Bitcoin City”. This is a move that continues to inspire many other countries and jurisdictions around the world.

Importantly, one of the many positive news for Bitcoin betting in El Salvador, the eco-friendly project Bitcoin City has gained international recognition.

according to report According to Noticias de Bariloche, Bitcoin City won the award after receiving approval from a panel of experts on its architectural design.

The award was presented by LOOP, a sustainable architecture and design studio based in Costa Rica. by LOOP Designs Awards 2022 websiteBitcoin City was chosen as the category winner from a pool of 705 submissions from 56 countries.

Bitcoin city powered by volcanoes

El Salvador’s Bitcoin City is a new urban project under development in the eastern part of the country, designed by Mexico-based design studio Fernando Romero Enterprise EE. The project features innovative urban planning using Bitcoin and nearby volcanoes to power financial investments and daily activities.

Two volcanoes (Tecapa and Conchagua) provide clean energy.

With many incentives for investors, the city serves as a reference on how to make cities efficient and sustainable.’” Loop wrote in the brief description of the project.

As CoinJournal previously reported, Bitcoin City is expected to take at least 10 years to build.

El Salvador Proves Critics Wrong With Bitcoin Betting

On Tuesday, El Salvadoran President Naive Bukele slammed the international media for their negative coverage of the country since adopting BTC as legal tender. His comments came as the country paid off its $800 million maturing bond in full, even as the price of Bitcoin plummeted in 2022.

Mainstream media reports have pointed to the risk of payment defaults if El Salvador fails to make a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). President Bukele denounced forecasts by “experts” and rating agencies as “lies.”


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